5 Key Things To Virtue Ethics

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Add the milk mixed with melange to weight. Ready dough is put in a pastry bag with a gear tubule. On a dry baking sheet "otsazhivat" small cookies in the form of an asterisk. Bake at t 230 - 240C.

Egg - it is processed in four bathtubs. In the first bathtub egg is processed in cold water, then in the second with 0,5% solution of the calcinated soda. In the third bathtub process 2% solution of chloric lime or chloroamine, and in the fourth bathtub cold water.

At a fasovaniye in packs of a product keep within identical drawing one party and are wrapped in two layers of paper - a podvertka and a label. Labels have to be colourfully issued. Paints on labels have to be accurate, not easily soiled.

The bulked-up gelatin together with water is heated, stirring slowly to 40 - 50C, kindle and poured a thin stream in an elder, continuing beating. Give in vases, ice-cream bowls at t 10 - 14C, watering with apricot sauce.

The cranberry or cowberry, either bilberry or currant, or cherry are touched, delete fruit stems and washed, at cherry delete stones. Fruits and berries wipe. Juice is wrung out and filtered. Alburnum is filled in with hot water (on 1 part of alburnum of 5 - 6 parts of water), boiled at weak boiling of 10 - 15 min. and filtered. In the received broth (part it is cooled and use starch for cultivation add sugar, bring to boiling and when stirring at once pour in the prepared

At detection of any malfunctions or malfunctions in the equipment, the cook is obliged to declare immediately to the production manager or administration of the enterprise, and before debugging not to get to work.

In a copper pour in water, then add sugar and at continuous stirring heat to boiling then add vinegar, boil within 25 - 30 min. to t 107 - 108 C. Syrup is cooled slightly and neutralized soda solution.