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As this indicator with the general cathode, on the cathode it is necessary to give tension of low level, that is "0", and on the anode - tension of high level - "1". At the converter active output level is 1, therefore we will connect its exits to indicator anodes, and on the cathode it is necessary to give tension of low level from the decoder. Under these conditions the indicator will highlight necessary figure.

The received scheme (drawing works as follows: if on the fifth category of the address the logical zero, works with IMS K133ID3 carrying out switching with 0 on 15 exit if on the fifth category logical unit, enters work IMS K133ID4 which carries out switching remained with 16 on 18 exits.

The essence of dynamic indication consists in serial turning on of indicators through the general chain of transformation of a code. Connection of indicators needs to be made with f=120 frequency... 140 Hz, are enough such frequency not to notice blinking of indicators.

Serial number in a binary code which is called as the address is assigned to each information entrance. The quantity of address and information entrances can be variously, but between them there is a rigid communication

The decoder - the device for transformation of binary numbers in decimal or for transformation to a single parcel on one of exits. Decoders are widely used in control units, in systems of digital indication, to creation of distributors of impulses on various chains and so on.

K133PP4 chip - the converter dvoichno - a decimal code in a code of seven segment indicators. IS serves for control of LED indicators with the integrated ALS324A cathode which elements are connected according to the provided scheme (the drawing BI Entrance is blocking: at BI=0 indicators die away.

For creation of the decoder on 16 exits it is necessary to connect entrances of permission 1 and 2 at IMS and to connect them to the fifth category of the counter, that is to the fifth category of the address. This IMS will work if on the fifth category of the counter there is tension of logical zero, then the code which arrived on address entrances will commutate one of exits.

Acceleration of scientific and technical progress in all areas demands intensive development of such directions of science and equipment, automation, robotization, microelectronics, computer facilities, development of new technologies and new materials.

Our scheme requires four couples such schemes (drawing. The first couple of schemes will contain the first category of the removed figure, the second the couple second category, the third the couple third, and the fourth - the fourth (as it is used binary to.