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According to the offer of Management of social protection of the population of the Southeast district the Experimental complex center of social protection was created. In the center a complex of rooms for social service of elderly and disabled citizens, families with disabled children, office of social rehabilitation, carrying out leisure actions, etc. are provided.

In summary there is a wish to tell that the sphere of social protection of needy citizens (pensioners, disabled people, children, lonely mothers, etc.) in non-stationary forms develops in difficult conditions, first of all, in connection with its insufficient financing. Situation is aggravated with the considerable number of the needy citizens demanding social support and also that social security authorities of the population on places all are more compelled to assume functions unusual for them, in particular, on medical, consumer and trade care of citizens.

For assistance to disabled people on the social rehabilitation directed on elimination or compensation of restrictions of their activity, recovery of the social status of the disabled person in the center is opened Office of social rehabilitation.

As of 0199g. in the Complex centers of social service "Sokolinaya Gora" and "Novogireyevo" trade service is already carried out. Work on service of trade rooms in 2 centers of social service - "Vostochnoye Izmailovo" and "Veshnyaki" of East administrative district is carried out, and also also other measures directed on implementation of the specified Program are taken.

The pensioners visiting ODP state special gratitude for the organization of hot meals in the centers. For visiting office of day stay, the menu accounting with the indication of weight of portions, costs of a dish and a total cost of a lunch is hung out. At the end of the month, in case of the rest of money, for pensioners additional grocery sets are formed, and by festive dates the staff of office tries to make these lunches really festive.

Offices of urgent social service are one of irreplaceable types of the help in structure of TsSO today. One OSSO on the center is most often developed, but its opening both in branches, and in the rooms which are specially allocated for these purposes is possible, especially, if the center serves the population of the big territory.

In this system enough a lot of things are not perfect. But it is possible to tell with confidence that the centers of social service and social workers are necessary to elderly people. Also people of advanced age are necessary to us: their passable life experience, their optimism and confidence that everything will be settled and will be better - all this is necessary for us not to forget for what and for the sake of what we live on Earth.

Task of all society and social workers, in particular, is to make so that the elderly person had no feeling of estrangement, uselessness. And it can be reached having surrounded the person with heat and care, having given him the chance as much as possible to realize the spiritual and intellectual potential.

The office will be organized for service not less than 10 citizens. Duration of stay in Rehabilitation office of citizens is defined by character and to terms necessary for them improving - actions.