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As one of the main advantages of new technical means that they create opportunities for introduction of flexible systems of automation of production, for overcoming of the restrictions connected with the so-called one-dimensional or one-target automation of production dominating so far based on an of the nonflexible fixed systems of production of production adapted for conditions of a mass with low coefficient of updating of the let-out products acts.

The economic summit once again confirmed firm intention of the countries of SEV to develop trade and economic and scientific and technical with all countries which show readiness for it. It is expedient to expand these communications first of all on the basis of long-term programs and, application of various mutually advantageous forms of a, including, in particular, assistance in a hardware and construction of facilities, an industrial, joint development of scientific and technical problems, etc.

Labor co-operation and cooperation of production can be treated as various categories. At the same time between them it is rather conditional. This specialization of passivity, i.e. destruction of specialization of work as that, "is line of machine work. Even more conditional this side at development so-called "deserted technology", the entry of production into a "tekhnotropny" era.

The term "unity of organizational and economic structure" given above — not the reservation. Here not the unity of property (it can be share,, i.e. anyway divided), and unity of that concrete production cell (or system), within which cooperation is carried out is important.

On the basis of the developed cooperation and taking into account of the countries the Agreement on a when carrying out research and opytyono-design works on a problem was signed "Development of installations of big power on fast neutrons (with the sodium heat carrier and use as the heat carrier dissociating gas".

Rapprochement on the end results of the production systems based on direct cooperation, and the systems based on the transformed indirect cooperation represents further deleting of a between two kinds of cooperation of production though essential distinctions between them, naturally,. The production system is constituted by participation of partners in production of a certain product or scale of products, rigid technological interrelation.

The indirect cooperation system is characterized by an of the ordered interaction between the productions having big degree of freedom. It, as a matter of fact, system. Here, however, it is necessary to take into account also certain convention of division of productions on "branch" and "interindustry". In practice interindustry productions turn into branches, and productions in branch serve requirements of branches of a national economy.

Besides, labor co-operation and productions can have both direct, and indirect character. In the latter case compulsory impact on cooperations of requirements of production is especially distinctly shown.

Therefore one of key aspects of economic integration is further expansion of a spatial framework of cooperation of a that involves, naturally, and essential modification of this cooperation, emergence of its new interstate level.

In interests of a further intensification of a social production on the basis of scientific and technical progress of a of SEV realize measures for deepening and increase of an of cooperation, first of all in the sphere of production, science and equipment.

Along with it the specialized centers are created on. to production of various types of robots (technological, welding, razlivochno-foundry etc.), created at the largest and the combines which achieved the best technical solutions. These centers will extend experience, to conduct work on typification and standardization of their designs.